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Cloud Experts Across Platforms

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of technology tools and solutions can be a tough task.  At Swish BI, we are objective experts that will help you navigate all options, and select the right tool for the job.

As cloud experts, we work with a wide variety of applications and services. Whether you're looking to harness the power of AWS, leverage the capabilities of Azure, or explore the potential of Google Cloud, our team is equipped to guide you.

With Swish BI, you're not just adopting technology; you're strategically integrating solutions that propel your business forward.

Trust in our expertise, and let's embark on a technological journey tailored just for you.

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Preferred Technologies


A leading cloud computing platform by Microsoft, Azure offers a vast range of services, including computing power, storage solutions, and networking capabilities.


A unified analytics platform founded by the original creators of Apache Spark, Databricks provides a collaborative environment for data science, data engineering, and analytics.


A transformative tool in the modern data stack, dbt allows data analysts and engineers to perform transformations directly in the data warehouse.

Power BI

A dynamic business analytics tool from Microsoft, Power BI transforms raw data into visually compelling insights through interactive dashboards and reports.


An integrated cloud-based business software suite developed by Oracle, NetSuite offers a comprehensive range of applications that encompass ERP, and CRM capabilities.


A renowned PHP web framework, Laravel simplifies the process of robust web application development with its elegant syntax and extensive toolkit.

Preferred Development Languages


A foundational language for relational database management, SQL empowers users to create, modify, manage, and query data with precision and efficiency.


A widely-used server-side scripting language, PHP is a cornerstone of web application development. Initially created for dynamic web page generation, PHP has evolved to power a vast array applications.


A versatile and widely adopted programming language best known for its broad applications, Python is celebrated for its simplicity, readability, and vast standard library.


A foundational pillar of the modern web, JavaScript breathes interactivity into websites and web applications. Its event-driven, non-blocking model facilitates efficient and responsive web experiences.


The Python API for Apache Spark, PySpark merges the power of Spark's distributed data processing capabilities with the simplicity and versatility of Python.


An extension of the NetSuite platform, SuiteScript allows developers to create flexible and scalable custom business logic tailored to unique business processes.

We live at the intersection of process and technology.